Synergize your skincare in two simple steps.

The eXO Duet

$ 166.00

Transformative things happen when natural chemistry is involved, which is why we love a dynamic duo – particularly when both wield the radical skin-serving power of our Zen3 exosomes. Featuring eXO Face and Body, this two-step skincare solution advances potent anti-aging, hydration, firming and brightening. The result? All-over sumptuous skin. Sexy, meet science.

The eXO Duet includes one bottle of eXO Face (1.7 oz.) and eXO Body (10 oz.) – and a sweet deal for you (save 15%).

The world's first exosome skincare solution that perfects in the present and future tense.

What are exosomes?
What are exosomes?

Our exosomes sync cells to lock in hydration and radiance, while facilitating self-repair to reduce the outward appearance of aging.

Intelligent Zen3 technology continuously adapts to your skin for bespoke anti-aging at the cellular level.

  • Unprecedented hydration & rejuvenation
    Proprietary blend of Zen3 exosomes with intelligent blend of fatty acids, natural sodium hyaluronate, sea lettuce and macadamia oil helps lock in moisture with machinelike efficiency.
  • Instant smoothing & brightening
    Formulated to visibly improve radiance and fine lines with the first application.
What are next gen-naturals?
What are next gen-naturals?
  • Youth-boosting nourishment
    Multitasking kelp, Irish moss and vitamin E help fend off age-accelerating free radicals while facilitating cell turnover.
  • Inflammation control
    Noni oil and kombu help rapidly phase out redness and puffiness in concert with eXO’s marine ingredients.
  • Calming protection
    Vitamin C stands sentry against environmental stressors. Agascalm runs interference, soothing skin if stress mounts.
  • Rejuvenation
    Blue algae and sea lettuce work synergistically to help restart collagen synthesis. Vitamin A targets fine lines and crepey areas.
  • Smoothing
    Coconut oil burnishes rough patches and plumps cells, while grapeseed oil works to subtly firm and lift.
Luminous perfection with one breakthrough moisturizer? Now that’s what we call a grand total.

I am a board certified plastic surgeon with an established medical spa in my practice for the last 24 years. eXO...[is] a game-changer in the aesthetic care of the face.

— Dr. Don L. Oschwald, MD

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