Letter from Dr. Oschwald

I am a board certified plastic surgeon with an established medical spa in my practice for the last 24 years. We specialize in aesthetics skincare as well as a variety of more invasive skin procedures including lasers, micro derma needling and other skin treatments. I’ve seen many skincare products come to market over the years, which were oversold and were underwhelming in their abilities to actually make significant changes in the skin. There are some very good products on the market that for many people are cost prohibitive. I’ve been following this product closely and I am impressed with the proven science behind the product. It is been marketed for wrinkle reduction and increase luminescence. I have found that this has been the case for many of the patients that my aestheticians treat. In fact many of them have stopped their multi application treatments for this one product. In addition I’ve seen inflammatory reduction in the skin especially for laser treatment patients. Though it has not being marketed at this time for inflammatory reduction in the skin it is my understanding that the company is looking into this modality. This product may very well be a game changer in the aesthetic care of the face. At the very least it has helped my patients with fine wrinkles and dry skin.

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