Skincare FAQs Page

Answers to your FAQs

So who are you?
Glad you asked. We’re eXO, a skincare startup backed by more than 30 years of biotech innovation. We develop skincare and therapeutics using next-gen natural blends and proprietary Zen3 exosomes, a breakthrough ingredient that turns depleted cells into healthy ones and replenishes skin naturally.

We’re committed to developing streamlined products that simply do more. We believe—and have proven definitively—that great skin doesn’t require a bunch of products. Calculated beats complicated, in skincare and in life.

Exosomes? I’ve never heard of them.
Many people haven’t. Fact is, exosomes are a vital part of our biology. They’re the tiny couriers that help cells communicate, rejuvenate and operate in sync. Cells produce exosomes naturally as they go about their business. When an exosome encounters another cell, the cell uploads a status update, along with a nutrient payload and instructions for mimicking the cell that started it all. Exosomes = happy cells.

At eXO, we’ve pioneered the process for duplicating the beneficial exosomes that radically perfect skin. You won’t find our Zen3 technology in any other skincare line.

How does your moisturizer work?
Each bottle of eXO Perfection Moisturizer is infused with more than 150 million Zen3 exosomes and a nourishing blend of next-gen natural ingredients drawn from land and sea. As eXO hydrates, it syncs cells to rejuvenate from the outside in, making eXO the boldest advance yet in streamlined skincare.

Are exosomes alive?
No, but they are biologically active. Exosomes are much smaller than living cells—they look like itty-bitty bubbles. Zen3 exosomes are cultured to match the blueprint of exosomes found naturally in the body, then enhanced to transform skin even more beautifully. Our lab has been in business for more than two decades and operates in strict compliance with Good Laboratory Practice standards.

What can I expect once I start using eXO?

The world. As Zen3 exosomes drive cellular stimulation and renewal, you’ll likely notice:

  • Unprecedented hydration, thanks to an intelligent blend of fatty acids, natural sodium hyaluronate, sea lettuce and macadamia oil
  • Youth-boosting nourishment via kelp, Irish moss and vitamin E
  • Inflammation control with noni oil and kombu
  • Calming protection with vitamin C and Agascalm
  • Smoothing & firming with a grapeseedcoconut oil combo
  • Instant brightening with blue algae, sea lettuce and vitamin A

See? We’re not messing around here.

Who should use eXO?
Everyone. Every day. eXO is formulated to be adaptable to all seasons and skin types, including sensitive skin, mature skin and breakout-prone skin.

Why doesn’t your formula deliver sun protection?
We feel that sun protection is a personal health choice that’s best left up to you. (We also believe that sunscreen chemicals should be used only as needed—that is, when you’re actually spending time outdoors.) To layer eXO Perfection Moisturizer with your go-to sunscreen, simply apply eXO first, allow 2–4 minutes to absorb, then apply sunscreen as usual.

Can I keep using my other favorite products, too?
eXO is an all-in-one moisturizer aimed at eliminating unnecessary steps in your skincare regimen. Many of our customers find they no longer need an eye cream, serum, essence or facial oil once they begin using our product. For this reason, we recommend trying eXO on its own for two weeks. If you still feel your skin needs a little extra love, it’s fine to reintroduce your tried-and-true topicals. eXO is a team player.

Do your products contain gluten?
No. Our products are gluten-free.

What’s your stance on animal testing?
You’re making this too easy. eXO never tests on animals.

I love eXO. How can I ensure I always have it on hand? 
Our Auto-Delivery service is the quickest and most convenient way to keep skin looking its best. Sign up to automatically receive a new bottle of eXO every 30, 60 or 90 days. One less thing to worry about.

Do you run special promotions or throw cool events?
Totally. Sign up for our email newsletter, and we promise you’ll never miss out.

What if I have more questions?
We’ll get them answered! Reach out by heading to our Contact Us page. We’re always happy to help.