Get To Know eXO


What we do:

eXO is redefining everyday skincare with smart, audaciously streamlined products that merge leading-edge breakthroughs in exosome biology with next-gen natural ingredients.



Madame Curie

Which means:

We’ve brought together the world’s preeminent researchers and cosmetic chemists to chart a new frontier in beauty. With a focus on the body's biology, we’re applying the power of science to all-natural ingredients in a way that no other skincare company does—or can. For products that simply do more with less.


Why we’re doing this:

Because breakthrough findings like our proprietary Zen3 exosome technology could change your world. Amid all of life's complications and complexity, we’re committed to delivering skincare that simply works—and works simply. Our product-development process stems from that personal passion. Like you, we’re busy people. Modern and effortless is our M.O. One step and you're done.


Catherine & Peter

Who we are:

a family. eXO was founded by sibling duo Catherine Enright and Peter Pieraccini. Cat—a creative pioneer in luxury branding—sits in the CEO's seat. She brings the brand vision, runs the business and directs the company’s big-picture strategy. Peter, in addition to serving as CFO heads up the research and development division. He also runs the award-winning biotech firm that first uncovered what Zen3 exosomes could do for skin. (Cat called dibs on the technology by securing an exclusive license. Classic big-sister move.) eXO is for all those times their parents told them to play nicely together.


American Eagle

Where the magic happens:

In the USA. All eXO products are developed and manufactured at our industry-leading laboratory and research facility in North Carolina. Our business and creative teams—the brains behind the brand and this gorgeously engaging website—are based in New York.



Whom we’re working for:

You. Tirelessly. Every day.