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How to Adjust Your Beauty Routine For Spring

April 05 2017
It seems as though springtime is finally making its appearance, ushering in longer days, lighter layers and warmer te...
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Four Minimalist Bloggers to Follow Right Now

March 21 2017
We’re firm believers that simplicity is radical, which is why we’re always keeping tabs on women who think like us: T...
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Zen3 Technology – Exosomes Are Simple, Sexy Science

March 10 2017
While they may sound foreign to you, exosomes aren’t a new thing: They’re a vital aspect of our biology. In fact, you...
Makeup: Why Less Is More

Makeup: Why Less Is More Blog Page

March 09 2017
Makeup can be a beautiful thing! It can highlight your best features and disguise the ones you’re less impressed with...
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How to Eat (and Drink!) For Gorgeous Skin

March 01 2017
We’ll let you in on a little secret: Having glowing, radiant skin isn’t simply a matter of using quality skincare pro...
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You Ask, We Answer: The eXO Face FAQ

January 12 2017
Thanks to our groundbreaking Zen3 exosome technology, we’re changing the face of skincare. But being pioneering doesn...
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Our Gift Guide Blog Page

December 04 2016
Simplicity is always in style around here and come the season of excess, it’s especially apropos. But just because we...
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Our Travel Beauty Regimen Recommendations

November 28 2016
In the final two months of year we celebrate, give thanks, eat, drink, and be merry – and we also travel. Yup, whethe...

All About Agascalm Blog Page

November 17 2016
Aside from being emotionally taxing, it’s been widely reported that stress can speed up the physical aging process. W...
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Skincare: How to Adjust Your Routine for the Fall

November 04 2016
Come autumn, sandals and swimsuits get relegated to storage and long stowed-away sweaters and boots reappear. This se...
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Simple Ways To Beat Fine Lines And Wrinkles

October 26 2016
Fine lines are the inevitable result of a life filled with great beach vacations, big broad smiles and all-nighters y...
eXO interviews celebrity makeup artist and founder of Abel Cosmetics, Dana Rae Ashburn

The Art of Simple Makeup with Artist

September 19 2016
eXO interviews celebrity makeup artist and founder of Abel Cosmetics, Dana Rae Ashburn eXO: At eXO, we believe simpli...
Noni Oil

What Are Next-Gen Natural Ingredients?

September 07 2016
While the eXO moisturizer contains 150 million+ Zen3 exosomes – powerful intercellular couriers crucial for skin heal...
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Skincare Myths That Are Making Your Life Too Complicated

July 05 2016

Beauty products
We believe that life should be audaciously streamlined and that less is always more.

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