5 Attributes That Make a Woman Truly Beautiful

August 25 2019

How to Prep Your Skin for Fall

August 25 2019

3 of the Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips for the Working Woman

August 25 2019

All About Seaweed Skincare

July 21 2019
Slimy, slippery and slightly a nuance, seaweed isn’t exactly something that’s enjoyable to encounter while you’re tak...

Why Irish Moss is Amazing for Your Skin

March 13 2019
This St. Patrick’s Day, we’re celebrating the luck of the Irish — Irish moss, of course. One of eXO’s Next-gen natura...

Take an eXO Escape

March 01 2019
After months of frigid temperatures, we’re craving a warm weather escape, one punctuated by a relaxing ambiance, deli...

The eXO Guide to Winter

January 27 2019
Arctic chill, anyone? With much of the country experiencing a serious freeze over, we thought an eXO Guide to Winter ...

Smart Investing 101: eXO Face

January 07 2019
2019 is here — and with it come the requisite resolutions, made earnestly as we recover from the foggy celebrations o...

The eXO Skin Simple Gift Guide

December 04 2018
It's no secret that we covet radiant skin here at eXO Skin Simple. We also happen to covet other things, too — gravit...

Smart Skincare, Smart Reads: What's On Our Bookshelves

October 17 2018
Smart is the new sexy. But you already knew that, right? Ahead, Team eXO shares what books are currently occupying ou...

National Simplicity Day: Four Ways to Celebrate

July 10 2018
Have you heard the news? July 12th is National Simplicity Day! If ever there was a holiday we were made to celebrate,...

Conscious Beauty, Made Simple

June 18 2018
So, what’s “conscious beauty,” you’re wondering? We’re glad you asked! We think it’s about caring for yourself and fo...

How We're Keeping it Simple This Summer

May 09 2018
After a seemingly endless winter – and a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it spring – it’s suddenly summer. Hooray!  If you coul...

Minimalist Fashion: Our Five Springtime Essentials

March 19 2018
After months of hibernation – and accumulation – paring down and cleaning up are both de rigueur activities for team ...

Health from the Inside Out: eXO’s Essential Ingredients

February 28 2018
“You are what you eat,” isn’t simply an old adage, it’s an essential truth. Yup, what you put into your body is a vit...

eXO’s Valentine’s Gift Guide

February 02 2018
If you’re anything like us, it’s not always easy to be creative on Valentine’s Day. Flowers can be a cliché; a box of...

Keep it Clean: Our Favorite Ways to Cleanse

January 12 2018
2018 here – and we’re taking the opportunity to reset, refresh and start anew. After all, the beginning of the New Ye...

Future of Skincare Continues With eXO Men

November 17 2017
Gentlemen! If 2017 has taught us anything, it is this – times have changed. And we’re here to deliver this message: I...
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